We take pride in the fact that ParadisePads are made and manufactured in the United States.

ParadisePads are built to last using UV protection with no adhesives. We are confident in saying our foam water pads are the most durable rafts on the market!


  • ParadisePad is a revolutionary foam water pad
  • Built to withstand between 1,450 – 1,800 pounds!
  • Unique cross-linked thermally bonded (no adhesive) foam mat
  • 50% more dense design
  • UV protection included
  • Water pads are two ply
  • Only 1.4″ thick using the highest quality stainless steel D-ring tether
  • ParadisePad doesn’t use cheap plastic tether plates or plastic clips like other competitors!
  • Pacific blue on one side and sunset orange on the other!
  • Made in USA.

Whether you need a durable raft for the ocean, or a roomy water pad to relax on the lake with friends and family, ParadisePad is the perfect solution for anyone who loves to be on the water!