From a first time lake home owner I can tell you the staff went above and beyond! No pressure sales. The staff calmed our fears and presented us with many options in various price ranges. Best in town!!!
Brook M. May 07, 2020
The best service you will ever find. The whole staff goes above and beyond all expectations. Would highly recommend them to anyone.
Chuck S May 07, 2020
5 stars - Great selection, excellent service, fantastic people. The only place to go for docks/piers and lifts in the area. They have exceeded all of our expectations
Judy HS May 07, 2020
This company is amazing. They were courteous and professional from the first time we walked into Lakeside Dock. We are proud to recommend them to anyone who needs a dock or Mitey-Toon....we have both!
Joyce N May 07, 2020
I have to tell you that while there are more than a few places buy a dock , that the service is so exceptional at this place that you would be crazy to go anywhere else. We bought a Floe Master in 2009 and over the course of the years we’ve needed some small parts and adjustments which were made immediately at such a small cost or sometimes free that I felt great making the decision. This weekend we had a failure where the unit wouldn’t lower and one of the legs collapsed. Resulting in a pretty bad situation. I called the shop at 4 PM on a Friday and much to my pleasant surprise the owner came in 20 minutes. Jumped in and fixed it. Saving further damage and resulting in a weekend where we could use the boat. Seriously, what other business would do this for a customer who purchased an item NINE years ago. You our will not save a buck elsewhere especially when you factor in the training, experience and see I’ve the Lakeside offers. And in closing, I rarely ever write reviews. In this case though it is well called for.
Bill L. May 07, 2020
I would highly recommend Lakeside. These guys truly provide exceptional service. I rarely write reviews but they have serviced what they sell beyond what we expected.
Bill L May 07, 2020
Adam and crew continually go over and above to help. If this company cannot help you no one can. Service is everything and they rank #1.
Jim P May 07, 2020
We have made all of our water/dock related purchases at this store over the years, and their service (in addition to the products) could not be better. I make several trips per year to this location, and I've never had a bad experience.
Matt M May 07, 2020
5 stars
Jarrett R May 07, 2020
Although we had bought our dock here several years ago, they helped us problem solve and adapt our pier to help my 85 year old father stay independent getting in and out of his boat! He couldn't believe how much easier it was after the adaptation and was so grateful!
Tanya G May 07, 2020